Even more faith

evenmorefaithby Jeanie Tomanek.jpg

Thanks to artist Jeanie Tomanek for letting us share her painting, "Even More Faith."  We think it captures the Winter Solstice and the soul of tenacious, optimistic Rebels at Work.

Carmen has often said that "Optimism is the greatest act of rebellion."

Optimism is a decision.

To look at setbacks as particular to a single problem, temporary circumstances or person.

To consider what needs to be learned or done differently to solve a problem or advance an idea.

To act versus sit on the wishful sidelines.

To keep going.

To support and help kindred spirits.

To remember when you have been successful to know that you will be successful again.

Pessimists blame, eschew responsibility, and give up. Research shows that they also do worse at their jobs and are eight times more likely to get depressed when things go wrong.

All emotions are contagious.

But positive emotions -- faith,  optimism, appreciation and joy -- attract support and inject a spirit of being able to achieve more and go farther than seems possible.

Here's to choosing more optimism and more faith in possibilities in 2018.

They are the emotions that carry new ideas forward.