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Every day people in all kinds of jobs at all kinds of workplaces reach the point where they say, “Enough.”

While every rebel’s reason for stepping up differs, almost all start with the same uncomfortable realization: “I have to do something about this.”



Rebels at Work is the essential guide to rocking the boat. From the trenches, Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina outline how to gain credibility, pitch ideas, navigate politics, manage conflict, and maintain sanity. This lively, accessible book is full of practical wisdom for making sure that you don’t become a rebel without a job.

Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

In Rebels at Work, Lois Kelly & Carmen Medina bust the myth that passionate and rebellious types will only thrive in small organizations.  This valuable handbook is chock-full of charts, guidelines, stories and advice to help people make positive change in big companies – and to have fun doing it.  It is an indispensable guide for both rebels and those who manage them.

– Diane Hessan, Chairman, Communispace; CEO, Startup Institute

At GovLoop we have 150,000 innovators trying to improve government from the inside, doing the difficult work of changing bureaucracy. Rebels at Work is our new playbook for making big changes in government. Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina’s clear tips and strategies are essential for navigating large organizations and getting things done.

Steve Ressler, founder and president, GovLoop

Rebels at Work is a brilliant guide for change activists who want to rock the boat and stay in it. As rebels at work we are too often marginalized and our great ideas go unheeded. Yet we are actually the salvation of our organizations. I love the fact that the authors are a living embodiment of what can happen when rebels get activated in a positive way. This book gives power to rebels at work everywhere. There are a few bosses out there who should be very scared!

Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, NHS IQ, National Health Service, England


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