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Lois and Carmen lead workshops and retreats on change, resiliency, cognitive diversity and how to cultivate thriving, creative organizations.  They are fun, experiential, cause shifts in thinking and are grounded in research.

Organizations who hire us are quite diverse: Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, labor unions, non-profits, universities, and conference organizers around the world.

One of our most popular workshops is "Be a Brave-Hearted Change Maker:"

There are two parts of the program:

1. Leadership Grounding: what do executives need to do for themselves in order to lead and support growth organizations? What do they need to let go of? What leadership "best practices" are no longer relevant? And which are emerging quickly but not yet on the mainstream leadership radar?

2. Organizational Flourishing: what emerging practices and habits help organizations adapt and thrive amid changing environments? How do you build these new habits into the organization and help people let go of the safety of the status quo? What under-used practices empower team members and provide the energy for learning, change and resiliency?

Keynote Speaking

We are also popular keynote speakers at association conferences and private company events. Our focus is on overlooked and highly-effective practices that help people at every level and in every part of the organization be heard, shake things up for positive change, and find more meaning in work.

If interested, please contact either one of us: