What kind of thinker are you? Are rebels?

Behavioral scientist John Furey and his colleagues at MindTime have identified three types of mindsets, based on 950 human traits.  Future, Present and Past Thinkers. In his book "It's All About Time: How Companies and Innovate and Why Some Do It Better," John explains the three  mindsets:

  • Past thinking gathers as much data as possible and is concerned with accuracy and truth. It is reflective.
  • Present thinking seeks some measure of control over unfolding events. It is primarily practical.
  • Future thinking is open to possibilities, seeks out new opportunities and intuits what the future might bring. It is essentially imaginative.

When we understand how we think -- and how our colleagues think -- we can better  manage ourselves, ensure the right type of thinkers are collaborating for the objective at hand, understand organizational culture dynamics, and pinpoint thinking types we may need to hire to achieve organizational goals.

For rebels, understanding the thinking mindsets of colleagues and bosses can also be useful in helping to overcome obstacles and make people comfortable with adopting change.

What kind of thinker are you? Do corporate rebels share a similar thinking mindset?

We invite you to take this quick survey to see your style, and to help all of us understand the mindset of corporate rebels in a more scientific way. All responses are private; you'll get a snapshot of your individual thinking style, see a map of where other self-identified rebels fit on an overall map of past, present and future thinking, and have access to 39 specific questions related to organizational culture, leadership, innovation, and morale.

We'll summarize the results right after the holidays and talk about the practical implications for rebels at work.