Innovation is Common Sense

I'm in Bilbao, Spain right now (a very pretty city home to some very innovative Basques) getting ready to speak at the third annual Global Innovation Day hosted by Innobasque--the Basque Innovation Agency. It's just a wee bit daunting getting ready to give a talk in Spanish, even though it's my first language I have almost no education in it. But my spirits were hugely lifted yesterday when I received the following message from a fellow Eastwood Trooper (my old high school).

Your "rebels at work" writing has really changed my life and my business. It has made me, instead of firing a rebel for insubordination, allow him to move forward with his "crazy newfangled ideas". It's changing my company drastically for the better. I am backing off and working less and letting the rebel lead. Without having read your articles and knowing enough to trust you, this would not have happened. I'll keep you posted on our success. So far, so good! Thank you for opening my old eyes and mind to an ever changing business world. Common sense and innovation. I get it now!

Thanks so much for that message, that vote of confidence, and the affirmation that sharing what you know and have learned can actually make a difference for others.It's very exciting to hear that the ideas behind Rebels at Work can help small business as well. Some of the most interesting innovations I've seen personally in the last couple of years is occurring in family-owned businesses eager to show that they too can prosper on the leading edge.

Rebels at Work is first and foremost intended to be a community where we can all learn from each other. I'm looking forward to learning from the audience later on today in Bilbao. Maybe, with any luck, we'll receive our first Spannish Rebel stories from members of the audience. Adelante!!