About the authors

Lois KellyLois Kelly Headshot

Lois Kelly has been a creative rebel throughout her career, helping some of the most respected companies in the world create new ways to launch products, communicate complicated issues, influence public opinion, deal with crises, go public, adopt innovative business practices, and occasionally try to move mountains.

During this journey, Lois has become a student of change, learning what it takes to get people to embrace new ideas. Her obsession is creating clarity from complexity. Her most meaningful work is facilitating workshops where people create the future they want for their organizations and companies.

In addition to co-authoring “Rebels at Work,” Lois wrote the award-winning “Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation Word of Mouth Marketing.” She tweets under @LoisKelly, blogs at RebelsAtWork.com and Foghound.com, and lives in Rhode Island, the smallest and most creative state in the United States.

Carmen Medina Headshot 11Carmen Medina

Carmen spent 32 years as a heretic at the Central Intelligence Agency. Despite this, she held several senior positions at the Agency, including serving on the executive team that led the CIA’s analytic directorate.

She thinks most organizations don’t have a good way of determining when it’s time to transform and/or “sell” their current business model. Heretics, mavericks, and rebels at work can provide organizations with the important early warning system they so desperately need. Since retiring from CIA in 2010, Carmen has continued to write and speak about Rebels at Work, analysis and strategic warning, the emergence of new global norms in the 21st century, the future culture of work, and cognitive diversity.

Carmen tweets under @milouness. She is Puerto Rican by birth and Texan by nationality.