Glenn Cleland

Trailblazer who takes pride in first mover status. Founding Director, Centre for Financial Studies. Founding Member of New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation. Rirst to represent Canada in my region in tennis.

Olivier Bazin

Digital addict obsessed with simplicity, frugal projects and open innovation, I am convinced the human factor is at the heart of the digital revolution.

Akili King

I love showing athletes and soldiers that the hustle never stops, only the language changes.

Matthew T. Fritz

Leader: Husband, Father, Pilot, Officer; Leader and mentor in the field of complex organizational change, emotional intelligence, and organization strategy

Richard Corder

Personally accountable learning leader, executive coach, public speaker, and blessed husband and father. Deeply committed to figuring out how we can make healthcare better through innovation, flipping, rocking the boat, bringing our emotions to work, and listening to those with the quietest voices.

Cindy Tripp

Cindy Tripp is a thought leader in how to integrate the empathy and imagination of design with the practicalities of business and has led many transformations from within as a positive, optimistic, passionate rebel.

Donna Morton

Former Greenpeace activist turned CEO of disruptive clean energy company, also Ashoka, Unreasonable and Ogunte fellow. We out collaborate the competition.

Phil Schlemme

Life-long dedication to self directed learning, political activist and satirist, paradigm change maker, connector and facilitator, creative being, design specialist (masters student), social entrepreneur, business strategists, DJ, vandal and superb cook.

John Follis

Award-winning Mad Man / agency owner turned ‘Marketing Therapist’ to biz owners across the US.

Florence Pat Haseltine

Fighter and tireless promoter for the advancement of women. Former Director of the Center for Population Research of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. At the NIH, led the way for advances in reproductive research and other critical health areas.

Paul Pirozzola

Chemist turned B2B Marketer; innovator with over 15+ years working for, leading or supporting big/small; private/public; start-up/well-established; for profit/not-for-profit companies.

Dan Mezick

I coach agile software teams and their managers in the mechanics of team and organizational greatness and I love my work…. which I think of as play.

Maria DeCarvalho

Executive adviser/Episcopal priest/cathedral dean/commodities banker/US Senate aide who helps people realize they have more power than they know.

Bonnie Lesley

I’ve spent my life as a learner and a teacher, as an activist and a thinker — always striving to find the balance since one role can be consuming.

John Bordeaux

Veteran, analyst, consultant, grandfather – applying insights from complexity science, organizational theory, and information science (trying) to advance the public sector mission.

Anthro-politico with 25 years in the federal bureaucracy.

Jon Feinstein

Focused my career on building an environmental consulting practice and being viewed as a problem solver for complicated projects and policy issues.

Carmen Medina

Spent 32 years within CIA trying to make sense of the world; hoping to have better luck now that I’m out, and in any case enjoying looking more at the positive and less at the negative.

Lois Kelly

Led digital marketing and public relations agencies before becoming author, organizational change strategist and executive leadership coach. Aspiring leadership activist.