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Want a deeper dive into how to fight mediocrity?

Never before have businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations so needed brave-hearted people who have the courage, skills and sense of responsibility to say “no” to what no longer works and create better ways to achieve meaningful goals. The ability to lead change has become an essential competency for everyone in today’s unpredictable and increasingly non-hierarchical world.

Based on our varied work experiences as rebels at work,  we offer  keynote speeches and  hands-on learning workshops (half-day, one-day, three days).

Why Hire Lois and Carmen?

Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina have written the book, literally, on how engaged employees, aka rebels, can help companies thrive and grow in the 21st century. Their backgrounds could not be more different.

Lois’s experience is in marketing and advertising for large corporations (HP, USAA, Fidelity Investments, FedEx), and she cares deeply about the emotional resonance and tenor of change initiatives. She will challenge you to FEEL the change.

Carmen spent 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency as an analyst. She urges people to THINK better and differently about their problem sets. Her CIA background also provides some sharp perspectives on taking risks.

Together they represent a welcome change from the ordinary consultant-speak. They will challenge your organization or conference participants to join the fight against mediocrity in organizations.

Lois has been consulting with small and large companies, including Fortune 100 firms, for many years, but more recently she’s been motivated to help Rebels in the Workplace, conducting seminars and workshops across the US and internationally. Carmen specializes in helping government organizations and civil servants grapple with the need for change.

Neither one has much tolerance for cookie cutter approaches. They tailor workshops that speak precisely to the clients’ needs.

Keynote Speeches

Our speeches wake people up to what’s possible when we face down our fears and step up to make changes at work — regardless of title, experience or education. In these high-energy, audience participation speeches we:

  • Debunk myths about creating change. Allay fears about leading change.
  • Show you how to get your ideas heard, considered and acted upon.
  • Address common pitfalls in bringing new ideas forward and provide ways to avoid them.
  • Offer ways to stay sane and find more meaning and joy at work.
  •  Share our very different personal stories of being rebels at work — some insightful, some funny, some tragic — all rich in optimism and practical wisdom.


Carmen talking jpegLois April 2012 explaining with mike


Be a Brave-Hearted Rebel at Work

Our half- and full-day workshops are interactive learning sessions where people learn essential skills and strategies for creating positive change.

Using a large group discussion format, small group breakout exercises, videos and role playing, you will come away with a renewed sense of purpose about your work and the practical skills to lead, which has become an essential competency for everyone in today’s unpredictable and increasingly non-hierarchical world.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how to “read” the organizational environment so that you can more easily navigate politics, build support and position new ideas.
  • Your top intrinsic character strengths and how to use them to overcome obstacles, find more meaning in your work, and become a more effective leader. (A personalized assessment of your 24 strengths is included as part of the Master Class.)
  • How to position and communicate new ideas so they get attention and gain support.
  • How to deal with energy vampires so that your ideas move forward vs. getting derailed. These include: difficult conversations, bad bosses, unproductive meetings, and common excuses like “we don’t have the resources for that.”
  • Why and how to create a psychologically safe work environment so that creativity, collaboration and diversity of ideas thrive.
  • Ways to build your resiliency so that you’re able to recover from setbacks, persevere amidst bureaucracy, and create a sense of well being for yourself and your teammates.

Who should attend:

  • You know that your organization could be achieving more but you’re stuck.
  • You want more meaning in your work.
  • You’re frustrated with bureaucracy and the slowness of hierarchical management structures.
  • You aspire to become a person or team who makes meaningful change happen.
  • You’ve tried to introduce new ideas and they just haven’t gotten traction.
  • You’re starting to feel burnt out and want to reclaim your energy and sense of purpose at work.
  • Your board keeps talking about being more innovative and agile and “failing fast” but you’re not sure how to do that.
  • You and your leadership team are looking for an alternative to your usual offsite planning event.
  • Your project team isn’t making as much progress as you’d like and you want a way to bring the team together to learn how to achieve more, more easily.

 Dream, Discover, Deliver: Getting Comfortable with Creativity and Risk

The workshop will focus on three components of creating new ideas: Dream. Discover. Deliver.

We kick off the day with music,  waking people up in a non-corporate way. From there we’do a brief introduction to the day and very short keynote to set the context and lay down some research to get the skeptics comfortable.

The rest of the morning we’ll involve people in using practices that support each of the 3D’s. The morning will be a “sampler” — giving you a small bite of several techniques.

The intent: for people to see how these practices work and the value they deliver. All are practical and used by organizations around the world to create and deliver new products, services and ways of working.


  • Come away inspired and motivated to inject more creative thinking and collaborative processes into work.
  • Understand the research behind what makes high-performing organizations – and people — thrive, manage risk, accept uncertainty, and stay open to new ideas.
  • Gain insights on how to use neuro-science, individual personality strengths and resiliency practices to open creative energy sources and quiet the self-doubting lizard brain.
  • Learn how to coach and develop your Rebels at Work, those employees with the fiery passion and determination to challenge the status quo and create better approaches. These people can be your greatest assets if leaders acknowledge their value and quirkiness, and create the conditions for them to contribute.
  • Be introduced to a toolbox of diverse practices that can help any organization become better at spotting possibilities, experimenting with new ideas, removing obstacles, working collaboratively outside the meeting/email lines, and managing personal and team energy amid growth, risk and uncertainty.
  • Have a blast for four hours, getting to know yourself and your colleagues in new ways.


Video Learning Program

Be a Brave Big Heared Rebel Video CoverOur 6.5 hour video learning program  is like a graduate seminar on organizational change, featuring 12 fascinating experts in positive psychology, organizational growth, conflict management, strategic communications, and developmental psychology. You can read more about the program here, and find a complete listing of each of the 22 video segments and how to purchase here.