Carmen Medina is the ideal person to kick off a “Rebels at Work” movement in any sized organization. As a 32-year veteran of the CIA, where she lobbied both successfully and unsuccessfully for new business models, she speaks realistically and yet passionately about how to be a more effective advocate for new ideas. She has spoken across the US and internationally, in small settings and large, on several dimensions of being a Rebel at Work:

  • The lessons she drew from being a Heretic at CIA and how they can apply to your organization.
  • How to know you are a Rebel at Work and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • How to promote and manage diversity of thought in the workplace.
  • How to be a more effective leader of Rebels at Work and empower them more effectively.
  • When the Leader is the Rebel at Work: how to avoid being trapped by the Status Quo.




Lois Kelly facilitates half-day and full-day “Free Your Rebel Thinker” workshops that open teams up to new possibilities, explore the obstacles that get in the way of change, and introduce practices that shape organizational culture so change is the norm vs. a disruptor.  Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League univeristies and non-profit organizations praise these immersive, fast-paced and highly engaging workshops for their ability to inspire and empower teams.  Organizations find these workshops especially valuable for:

  • Kick-off sessions for annual planning
  • Leadership off-sites
  • Organizations going through transition and wanting to unite teams around a lens of possibilities
  • Non-profit board retreats
  • Professional development for “intrapreneurs” and those leading important strategic initiatives