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WORKSHOP: November 6, 8 a.m. – noon ET, University of Massachusetts Center for Collaborative Leadership, Boston.  Leadership on the Horizon: Rebels at Work.  Open to public; seating limited.

Creating change at work is hard work, requiring a mindset and competencies rarely taught in business schools or in the workplace. In this three-hour hands-on session Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina, authors of the new book Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within, will guide you in learning how to:

  • Be a more effective change maker, helping people to see the value of your ideas and working through the often-messy steps of getting them adopted
  • Lead and develop the creative rebels in your organization, enabling them to help the organization grow and thrive vs. discredited as troublemakers
  • Develop some of the essential competencies needed to lead change and foster an engaged, collaborative, and successful workplace


WEBCAST:  December 17, 1 -2 p.m., ET, Rebels with a Cause: Creating Positive Change at Work,  O’Reilly Media. Free, registration required.

Rebels at Work challenges the assumption that leadership comes from a position of power or authority. With practical advice and guidance, authors Carmen Median and Lois Kelly—rebels in their own right—will help empower you by transforming the way you present your ideas and engage your coworkers and bosses.

What attendees will learn:

  • The difference between good and bad rebels at work.
  • Common fears about pushing for change and how to manage them.
  • Do this first: understanding how things work at work.
  • Creating a rebel alliance, avoiding hero worship.
  • Positioning and communicating ideas so people pay attention (and maybe even help you.
  • Using conflict and controversy productively.
  • Tips for staying sane and resilient.
  • When to quit.

January, 2015

 SPEECH: January 29, 2015 Southwest Showcase, Austin, TX